In this era of digital marketing, companies are switching from outbound marketing to inbound marketing because they know they can reach their target audience much faster. With millions of people flocking to social media networks daily, it has become the most prominent place where brands can attract potential buyers and build a better relationship with permanent ones. This is exactly the reason why many brands have started focusing on inbound marketing to maintain a strong online presence because it heightens brand awareness.

Many marketing experts believe that the way an organization presents itself online is equivalent to the first interaction with their potential client. It is your online identity that represents your message and your brand in this digital age. As the world advances and inbound marketing takes over traditional forms, it is vital for brands to maintain a dominant online presence to ensure sustainable growth and the survival of your brand.

However, this is not an easy task. The competition that prevails today in the virtual ecosystem demands your brand to be highly relatable, recognizable, authentic and unique amongst your competitors. High visibility increases your credibility and consumers will remain consistent in buying your service/product. A bulletproof online presence is how you capture and hold the attention of your target audience. Today, customers want to connect directly with business owners before making a decision on whether to purchase their product/services. 
Provided that, let us examine the key aspects of securing your online presence. 

1.    Blog Regularly:

Blogging feeds your website with the content it requires to attract customers and retain their attention. Blogging twice a week is ideal, but a few times a month would do as well. A regularly updated web page allows the customers to believe that your organization is alive, active, and well, while providing valuable information. Also, note that Google always favors updated sites. 

2.    Guest Post:

An efficient way to increase your visibility is to share blog posts to websites whose target audience is similar to yours. Offer a proposal that is a win-win situation for both parties. 

3.    Social Media:

Social media is the king of marketing. If you want your brand identity to increase manifold, start regularly interacting with your audience on Facebook. Posting content relevant to your brand on social media platforms not only engages your customers but also allows them to share it and provide feedback. A single post on Facebook can reach thousands of your potential clients at the same time.

4.    Pay Heed to SEO:

Accurate keyword research and optimization of a website is one of the most significant elements of online marketing. Right keywords allow your customers to locate you quickly online, whereas Google ranks you on top for having relevant keywords and updated content. 

5.    Get Involved in Expert Forums:

Be active in online discussions. Share useful information and contribute to business discussions. This will give you a lead in the industry. Use platforms like Linkedin to locate other professionals of the industry you can reach out to. 

6.    Offer Freebies:

Your customers love a freebie. Timely offers, coupons or eBooks to increase goodwill amongst your clients will boost your image and enhance visibility. 

7.    Video Marketing:

A beautifully designed and shot video would not only go viral to increase your brand awareness, but your customers would also retain the information provided for a long time. 

8.    Mobile-Friendly:

According to a recent survey, more than 70% of people today use their smartphones to find information online. Mobile usage and search rates have now officially exceeded desktop. Put simply - people are shopping on their phones more than on their computers. Ensure your website is mobile optimized to allow a wider audience to access your content. 

9.    Trendy Topics:

If you study SEO copywriting techniques, the main element would be to provide content on trendy topics. Staying in touch with trends portrays a cutting edge, consistent, up-to-date identity for your brand. 

10.    Pay Per Click:

Pay-per-click or PPC marketing is another way to put your brand out there. It is an excellent way to generate traffic and increase awareness of your brand.