My "Blogstimonial" on Lo & Son

The Disclaimer

I have no affiliation with Lo & Son. In fact, there's a selfish part of me that would love to keep this company a secret before they turn uber trendy and every has one. But I will be above that and share my story. Let me also state I base the majority of my purchases on testimonials and reviews - although sadly I am not one to write them, for no reason other than lack of time (hopefully this makes up for something). 

About Me

I have never purchased something as important as a handbag without so much as seeing or touching it in person. If you are questioning the term importance in regards to a bag, allow me to clarify. To some women, a purse or bag is an extension of themselves both in design and functionality.

For me - a mother, business owner, frequent traveler, and Virgo to boot, I struggled to find that one business travel bag that checked all the boxes: travel-friendly, high quality, visually impressive, convenient, durable, versatile and if possible, affordable. I first came across Lo & Son on Pinterest, my go-to passive shopping mall. Being as I am in the marketing industry, I was first attracted to how enticingly simplistic their ads were. I wouldn’t have ever considered a bag from a company I had never heard of, but the videos showing what you can fit in each bag were both brilliant and intriguing. Regardless of my interest, I remained on the purchasing fence for nearly six months. As my hunt for the perfect bag progressed, Lo & Son became an increasingly appealing contender even with my reservations of this sight unseen product. When I did a search for the best travel business bag expecting to find Tumi at the top of the list, Lo and Son surprisingly made the organic top three. 

The Backstory

Let me regress for a moment. The Tumi Larkin was my frontrunner. 

  1.  Because of Tumi's impeccable reputation for quality
  2.  I work in a male-dominated industry, and Tumi says, "I’m here for business"

Tumi yields respect amongst the travel elite and secures assurance with their repair and replacement policy. My Tumi Voyager backpack has taken years of travel abuse. It's endured being kicked under airplane seats, spilled drinks, broken pens spewing ink, and it is still my go-to backpack. 

Tumi Larkin $495

Tumi Larkin $495

Amazon Over Brook $29.00

Amazon Over Brook $29.00

Kate Spade Cedar Street $248

Kate Spade Cedar Street $248

After the Tumi, I felt like it was time to grow up and get an adult bag. So I went with the audacious "Look at Me" Louis Vuitton. It was something similar to the current Pallas, and it gave me the “I've arrived" feeling I was hoping for. Yet it was terribly uncomfortable for a 15” Mac Book Pro and various other travel essentials.

The Hunt

You should also know I pack like a digital boy scout toting everything I may need in life while traveling. Despite the LV's discomfort of losing feeling in my fingers as the straps cut off my circulation, I dragged that bag to a least 40 cities in two years. When my new bag exploration resumed, I encountered a series of experiences that highlighted what I didn't want in a bag.

First, I fell in love with a Hot Pink Kate Spade tote (another brand that has captivated me with their marketing ingenuity and product creativity). Yet it didn’t hold up to being as professionally versatile as I had hoped. So I took the minimalistic approach and got a nicely rated bag on Amazon for the bargain price of $28. But this too lacked the convenience of strategically placed pockets and it didn't look refined. So my search led me right back to Lo & Son. After watching the video for the Seville tote another ten times I was finally convinced it had everything I needed.

The Checklist

  • Versatility: Changeable shells, multiple covers and colors, and a nylon travel overlay for luggage.
  • Convenience: Pockets and compartments intelligently placed for your phone, keys, laptop, and accessories.
  • Style and Quality: The exterior shell layer of the tote is made from a scratch resistant, 100% perforated Saffiano leather. The Soft Touch Shell is made from an advanced polymer yarn that easily adapts when physical force is applied to it. The material makes the shell super lightweight, stain resistant, water resistant, and easily cleanable. (Description: Via the Lo & Son website)
  • Size: Large enough to fit my 15” Mac Book Pro without feeling like I'm carrying a duffle bag. I will also preface that I am only 5'1", so displaying the size-to-height ratio on their website is a genius move on their behalf. The bag may be slightly big for my frame, but I am completely comfortable with it considering the massive list of "pros" stacked on its side.
  • Impressiveness: Obvious.


The Plunge

So I pulled the rip cord and purchased the Seville. I don’t think I am different than most women given the fact that I may take months to make a decision. But once I do, I wanted it yesterday. So I purchased and eagerly watched for the shipment tracking number. The desire to receive my new bag was amplified by the fact that I wanted it for my upcoming business trip, to truly test the worthiness of the pending title of, "Best Bag Ever."

Lo & Son Seville

Lo & Son Seville

The Tipping Point

My aspirations came to an abrupt halt when there was a mix up with shipping, and my purse went MIA - albeit no fault of Lo & Son's. I was crushed, so I contacted them for assistance and was immediately blown away by their customer support, and grateful for the assistance of Marissa. Marissa quickly communicated with me and took my lost shipment as seriously as I did. I know this all sounds dramatic but what I can I say, I am a person of intense emotions, and this bag was long overdue! Long story short, they helped me recover the bag and even though I was mid business trip, they had it delivered to my hotel so I could rejoice and conduct my personal scientific testing of “the perfect bag."

The Glorious Outcome

When it arrived, I opened it with childlike enthusiasm and walked around the hotel somewhat like a runway model, running a series of A/B testing, changing it from left arm to right arm. I practiced swapping out the sleeve much like a NASCAR pit crew changing tires. Speed is an essential component due to my constant "running late syndrome." Could the Seville convert as easily as the woman in the video made it look? Yes! After about three fumbled attempts at looping the straps, I figured out the process and am now a pro.

Then I conducted the capacity storage test. Did it hold everything as effortlessly as they made it look? Once again, YES! Even despite the fact that I carry around 10 times more items than the lady in the video. I managed to fit not only my 15" Mac Book Pro, but also a bag full of cables and adapters, my Sony DSL camera, foldable flats, reports, folders, toiletries, a scarf, the current issue of INC. Magazine, and my copy of Rising Strong by Brene Brown. Not to mention an array of assorted pens, highlighters, and post-its. Even with all that, the Seville held up AND looked fantastic! Overly stuffed, but stunning none the less.

The Founder

Lastly, if you weren’t sold on all the previous points of quality, design, marketing, and top notch customer service, you must read their story. I could never pass up an opportunity to support female entrepreneurship and a family-focused business model. 

Helen Lo and Sons

Helen Lo and Sons

It takes a lot to turn me into an advocate, and Lo & Son achieved this in every category.  I watch their sales like a hawk awaiting my next coveted addition, The Pearl, which I am confident will be the perfect daily purse just as the Seville has become the perfect laptop and travel bag. 

The Thank You

This testimonial is long overdue. I had meant to deliver a public thank you to Lo & Son after I received my Seville in March. However, time got away from me. With Mother's Day pending, I figured this was the perfect time to give a shout out to the fantastic work done by Helen Lo, to whom I wish a Happy Mother's Day. I sincerely appreciate her drive in designing functional and beautiful products for women and developing a culture that delivers stellar customer service.

Sincerely, Your Fan,
April Rain