By April Rain

With the Upcoming CBT Conference pending February 9th – 11th at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia I couldn’t be more thrilled that there is a conference in my hood, but I feel obligated to share the in’s and out’s of Atlanta with the inbound newcomers. Need any other on the spot advice just tweet @digitalrain_inc or follow our Facebook Page for updates.

Don’t worry friends I’ve got your back. 

Welcome to Atlanta

To get you in the Atlanta mood you need to add this to your playlist.

What other shot callers come from ATL?  

  • Akon
  • Andre 3000
  • CeeLo
  • Ludacris
  • Usher

Not to mention: Decatur being Robin Thicke's Destination in Blurred Lines.

Getting around the ATL:

People complain about traffic in Atlanta, but it’s really about timing. Here’s the rule of thumb:

  • Between 7am-10am & 4pm-7pm the speed limit is = 2 mph.
  • All other times = Autobahn

From the Airport: The MARTA metro rail can be useful it picks up right inside the airport and goes to almost anywhere, including a station right next to the Omni hotel. Costs only $2.25.

There are over 60 streets with the word "Peachtree" in it and over 100 businesses. Don't be assumptive, use Waze. Otherwise, Uber is your best friend!

Lingo: OTP & ITP

The perimeter is the heart shaped freeway that runs along the outside of Atlanta and by heart, I mean as in the organ, not a cutesy Valentine's card. So OTP is the acronym for the suburban minivan driving breeders that live outside the proverbial border. Don’t worry you are safe from slander, the CBT conference is in ITP. 

I live 3 miles OTP but my Office is 1 mile ITP So I am super Trendy Urban Soccor mom. 

Don't say "Hotlanta" it's annoying, nobody in Atlanta would ever say that. There are places in the US that are hotter and more humid. 

Zombie Capitol of the World

The best show in the universe* is filmed just south of Atlanta. On any given day you can see Rick and maybe some walkers. If you’re lucky, you’ll see Alexandria’s outcome.  I created a Google My Map so you can locate these filming locations. April's Zombie Map #DidtheWallHold? *Ratings based on author opinion.

Other ATL Based shows:

You can see the High School from Vampire Diaries in plain site in Decatur. 

Atlanta may be a big city but it loves the small Little Woman of Atlanta




Need new threads to increase your baller status? Here's my breakdown of favorite places to drop some bank:

Buckhead has side by side upscale malls with Phipps Plaza & Lenox Square . If it's a brand that a Kardashian owns than you will find it in Buckhead.

Want to take your shopping outdoors? Roller Skate? or catch a movie? Then head to Atlantic Station

Looking to take things sub-level? Then check out Atlanta UnderGround (Reviews very from disgusting & unsafe to Awesome, so travel at your own risk).


According to Dumblaws in Atlanta it is still illegal to:

  • To tie a giraffe to a telephone pole or street lamp
  • Give another man a piggyback ride
  • It is illegal for a chicken to cross the road
  • Keep a donkey in a bathtub
  • Change the clothes on a storefront mannequin without the shades are down
  • Carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket on a Sunday


Shameless Promotion:

Catch my CBT session:

  •  Thursday, February 11th
  •  1:30pm
  • Fearless & Contagious Branding. 



Eat up the Culture: 

Don't forget that the ATL is the home of many historic people & events: It was home to Martin Luther King Jr & Gone With The Wind.

The CNN tour is really kind of cool and for those of you who have little Rugrats expecting travel presents, there is a Turner store sporting swag from Adventure Time. I am personally a Lady Raincorn fan.

Want a greasy classic? Varsity Burger has been feeding Atlantans since 1928.

The Coca-Cola tour will let you try beverages from around the world. TOUR

Want real tips?

Then do what we all do and look on Trip Advisor for Best of Atlanta.