If "Automotive Conference Expert" was a real title, I would definitely qualify. I have attended at least 50 Vegas conferences, therefore this blog serves as my pay it forward to any newbie attending next week's events. If you want a more extensive albeit outdated guide, check out my blog April Rain's Guide to Conferencing. Despite it being a little outdated, many items are still general good tips that prove to be timeless.

With 2 major events happening next week, I felt the Driving Sales Executive Summit & the J.D. Power Automotive Round Table deserve their own How-To...

1. Rest up and hydrate before heading into the desert.

Studies show you are much better at managing sleep deprivation and dehydration if you store up in advance rather than playing catch up. In fact, there is no such thing as “catching up on sleep” post sleepless nights. Read Article

TIP: Hit up Walgreens or CVS and stock up on water and granola bars. The hotels are very over priced and the tempting convenience of the mini bar is even more painful.

2. Use the AutoHook free limo service. Just text "Autohook" to 55678.

Yes, AutoHook is my client and this a promo...but it's also a free limo so deal with it. I feel I am excused from judgment. For more info check out their event landing page.

3. Download the Driving Sales App

The 2014 app comes up more readily so to avoid confusion. Look for your email from DSES that contains the link - the password is "Cars2016."

4. Follow the hashtags #DSES and #JDPowerAMR


Some the greatest people I know and my most memorable moments have been acquired at conferences. Break out of your rut and meet some new peeps.

6. Pack accordingly

Even though it's October, Vegas weather is in the 80's so pack your summer attire. Here's the 10-day forecast:

Vegas Forecast

Vegas Forecast

Now, WHAT to wear? You will see a variety of threads from "just rolled out of bed" to the cover model of GQ. My vote is always business casual. You want to be comfortable but you also want to be sporting your best appearances for networking and to remind you that you are there for business (mostly).

Here's an example:

TIP: Pack good shoes. Just from the entrance of the Bellagio to conference area is 0.3 miles. One year my Fitbit tracked 17,000 steps in one day. I used to be all about the heels, then I realized nobody has ever rejected me personally or professionally for being short so I've ditched the heels and gone with flats. I'm guessing in a few more years I'll be in animal slippers. Till then here are some shoe recommendations for the men.
TIP: When going from the entrance to the events, cutting through the pool area saves time and gets you some vitamin D.
This shortcut shaves 1 minute off your route.

This shortcut shaves 1 minute off your route.

7. Make a plan

With so many things going on and places to be, I create custom maps in Google MY Map that are specific to the event.. 

If you need any other good tips or want to stay tuned-in to #DSES & #JDPowerAMR, follow @april_rain @digitalrain_inc 

Oh, and remember to have fun!